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Hey. Want to commission me?

2009-07-12 02:15:00 by Dai-san

Well, first of all, hey, I joined here years ago with hopes of submitting some of my Flash shit someday, but it was all so bad I never submitted it. Then I heard there was a new art portal and I just had to whore out my artwork on ANOTHER site. lol

Cause that's what I do, as a starving artist.

ANYWAY, if you're interested in contributing to my fund-for-not-starving-(and-maybe-buyin g-stupid-weeaboo-shit-too), it's quite simple.

First things first, it's important I let you know I will draw almost anything. All commissions are digital, pencil sketches will be scanned at 300 DPI.

Base prices:

Pencil sketches - $10

Lineart - $15

Color artwork - $20-35 depending on detail

Additional characters - add $5/character
Background - add $10

Preferred payment method is Paypal, however I accept money orders as well. I can accept cash AT YOUR RISK. Work will begin as soon as I recieve payment.

For more examples of my artwork, please see my DeviantArt.


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2009-08-05 10:43:59

Nice Page.
I Like You Work

Dai-san responds:

Thanks! :3


2009-08-08 03:22:22

would you draw my userguy

Dai-san responds:

I can't accept requests right now, but if you contact me with the details and can pay me, I'm sure I can. :3


2009-09-05 11:50:01

Hah! Get stuffed!

No-one's gonna comission another lousy anime 'artist'


2010-05-08 22:40:43

I knew you were a girl as soon as I saw your pic


2011-09-23 07:59:18

Instead of insulting you or requesting artwork I'll give you one tid bit of advice. Practise faces more :p. They seem to be the only part thats "off".

Keep up the good work.